5 Station Charging Panel | Wide Ledlenser Compatibility

The 5 Station Charging Panel allows safe and fast charging of up to five compatible Ledlenser lights at the same time – especially popular with professional users, e.g. in workshops or factories. Thanks to the wall mounting system the lights are always charged and at hand.

Compatible (using Charging Station Type A or Type B) with: P5R Core, P6R Core, P7R Core, P5R Work, P6R Work, P7R Work, P6R Signature, P7R Signature. Also compatible (using their included charging station) with EX7R, EXH8R, i9R / i9R Iron, i9R iron CRI, iL7R, iLH8R, iW7R.

(NOTE: not compatible with i9R .2 Iron torch  - SKU code: ZL501047)