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Nothing is as fulfilling and rejuvenating as a day spent outdoors in the heart of nature. When preparing for your adventures, trust Ledlenser to ensure you always have a stable and reliable source of lighting for comfort, convenience and safety. Discover our selection of Ledlenser power cases, power banks and rechargeable headlamps that will provide you with consistent lighting throughout your trip and have your back whatever the conditions.

Reliable Ledlenser Portable Chargers

For over 20 years, unsurpassed German quality and technology have been at the forefront of the Ledlenser brand experience. Having utilised the latest advancements available in the industry and maximising our signature approach to quality, Ledlenser devices and accessories have become the market-leading lighting solution for both personal and professional use for millions around the globe.

Our collection of power cases and power banks are no exception. Strong, reliable and versatile - they offer unparalleled safety, optimal charging and ease of use in a wide range of settings. Whether you need a dependable Ledlenser powercase for a lengthy camping trip or a powerbank to have you covered during unexpected power outages, you will find a portable charger to fit your needs and requirements.

Here are a few reasons why Ledlenser power cases, power banks and battery boxes are a worthy addition to every backpack, toolkit and household:

  • Protection. While our battery boxes and power banks, made with water-resistant materials, are a sure way to keep your batteries safe, the powercase is a secure travel option for the Ledlenser headlamps or any other small electronic devices. 
  • Multiple Charges. Ledlenser powercases, power banks and battery boxes offer an impressive energy capacity from around 3000 mAh to 5000 mAh, which means that the devices can be used up to 3-4 times to charge your rechargeable headlamps and other gadgets, depending on your batteries’ energy capacity. If you want a portable charger that will help you stay worry-free when out exploring the world with your flashlight or headlamp, our power cases and power banks are what you need.

Ledlenser Rechargeable Headlamps

For a functional and reliable device-charger combo, explore one of our compact and powerful rechargeable headlamps that pairs with a Ledlenser powercase. 

Let’s explore why our headlamps are the best company for your next trip:

  • Brightness. Ledlenser lighting devices are known for their strong beam and ability to provide consistent illumination for long periods of time. Our collection of headlamps compatible with our power cases can put out anything between 20 and 600 lumens of light depending on the model and power mode used. This range is more than enough to complete any kind of regular task within the domain of personal use and is suitable for some professional duty assignments as well. By knowing which power mode you are using, you can always pre-plan your energy use and ensure the headlamps last for as long as you need. On top of that, the headlamps offer a convenient charging option via magnetic USB, which helps you to make sure you never run out of power unexpectedly. When choosing a headlamp and a portable charger to complete your kit, consider checking for the compatibility of the devices before making a purchase. 
  • Convertible. Our rechargeable headlamps are easy to tailor to your situation’s specific requirements. For example, the devices feature the Advanced Focus System, which allows you to conveniently switch between the floodlight and spotlight options whenever one or the other is needed. Most of the headlamp models can also be transformed into a handheld light that you can clip to your clothing or gear. If you value the versatility and functionality of your lighting device, you will love the convertible features of our headlamps.
  • Convenient. Our compact, lightweight and comfortable headlamps are the epitome of convenience in use. They feature adjustable straps and sit securely on the head, freeing up your hands and allowing freedom of movement. With Ledlenser headlamps, there are always slight differences in terms of the weight, the width of the straps and battery placement, so when choosing an ideal headlamp, keep this aspect in mind.
  • Light Modes. Some of our headlamps, for example the MH8 Outdoor headlamp, on top of the regular set of light power modes, feature additional functions such as blink and boost that might prove themselves useful for signalling and position marking purposes. So if your intended use includes needing to send your camping buddies a light signal from a distance or you are planning to use the headlamp while on duty - you might consider opting for the models that have this functionality built in.
  • Protected. Almost all of our devices, including the headlamps in the powercase collection, are well-protected from the effects of external factors. The flashlights and headlamps are assigned IP classes that indicate to what extent the devices can withstand being exposed to water and dust. The headlamps from this collection are able to withstand powerful sprays of water. So if you are looking for a rechargeable, waterproof headlamp to pair with your Ledlenser powercase, this collection might be a good place to start your search.

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