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Whether you work in the construction industry and require a professional work headlamp or you just want to purchase a convenient lighting device for personal use, our selection of work headlamps will provide you with the required stable illumination and safety.

Discover our powerful work headlamps and enjoy their convenience and consistency.

LED Work Headlamps

Unparalleled German quality and technology have been the leading force behind Ledlenser’s outstanding lighting devices for over 20 years. Our selection of working headlamps reflects that - made with sturdy materials that are durable, strong and versatile - they are a great addition to every crew and team.

Here are a few factors that make our LED work headlamps powerful and reliable:

  • Brightness. Our work headlamps include options that put out anything between 15 and 2500 lumens, depending on the model and power mode. So whether you just need to illuminate an object at a small distance or put out a maximum amount of lumens to light up a large area in front of you - you can choose a headlamp with the right set of brightness modes. 
  • Advanced Focus System. Our work headlamps feature a special Advanced Focus System that allows you to switch between a close-up wide flood beam and a sharply focused long-distance beam. It comes in handy when you want to go from illuminating a certain object in front of you to lighting up the whole area surrounding you. 
  • Convenient. Ledlenser’s LED work headlamps are comfortable to wear and use - they are adjustable, lightweight and sit securely on the head, conveniently freeing up your hands and providing you with full freedom of movement. Although all of the models are compact, lightweight and quite similar in terms of measurements, there are slight differences in each model regarding the weight, the width of the straps and the placement of the battery. So when choosing your next work headlamp, be sure to consider these differences.
  • IP Class. The IP class of a lighting device defines whether the gadget can withstand the effect of external factors such as dust and water and if it can, to what extent it can do so. For example, some headlamps can remain water-resistant when exposed to sprays of water, as well as models that can be submerged in water for a certain period and at a certain depth. Depending on what your workplace scenario includes, you can find a work headlamp with the appropriate IP class for your intended use.
  • Ex Rating. Among our selection of LED work headlamps, some devices are designed for use in high-risk environments. So if you are looking for a safe headlamp to use in more extreme circumstances, pay close attention to the Ex ratings of our headlamps.

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What is the best headlamp for working?

Which work headlamp best suits your situation depends on several factors:

  • Brightness. How bright do you need your work headlamp to be? Ledlenser’s selection of work headlamps ranges between 15 and 2500 lumens of light output, depending on the model of the device and the light mode used. By assessing the requirements of your work area, you can choose a headlamp with an ideal lumen output.
  • IP class. Do you need your headlamp to withstand light sprays of water, or do your work specifics require the device to be submerged in water from time to time? Depending on your intended use, you can find a work headlamp with the right IP class to suit your needs.
  • Lamp head rotation. Our work headlamps offer different degrees of rotation that allow you to redirect the light beam, giving flexibility and convenience.
  • Battery life. Among our selection of work headlamps, some options can serve up to 70 hours on low power mode and ones that can last around 40 hours. Depending on whether you have to go long periods between the points of charging the headlamp, you can choose a device that will remain reliable and provide you with consistent light as long as your situation requires.
  • Emergency Light Mode. Some of our work headlamps feature an Emergency Light Mode, which comes in handy when you unexpectedly run out of battery. This can be handy if you’re working in areas with limited power sources to recharge your lamp quickly.

What are the best rechargeable headlamps for work?

This depends on your workplace requirements and your personal preferences. At Ledlenser, we offer a great selection of market-leading rechargeable work headlamps that feature powerful long-distance beams, long battery run time, high IP classes and a wide range of additional useful options. Our headlamps provide consistent and reliable illumination in the work environment.

Browse our collection of work headlamps, and choose the one that best fits your workplace practices.