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For over 20 years, German quality and technology has been the driving force behind Ledlenser’s innovation and development of industry leading lighting solutions. Our LED torch lights are helping to light up Australia, providing customers all over the country with dependable and consistent illumination for their outdoor pursuits, home DIY activities and day-to-day work tasks.

High Quality LED Torch Lights

Ledlenser’s patented technology introduces the Advanced Focus System to our battery operated and rechargeable torches – making the switch from low to high beam absolutely seamless.

We offer a range of portable LED torches, each designed to cater best to your needs. Here’s a summary of why our lights are considered one of the best LED torches in Australia:

  • Convenience. Our LED torches are compact, and lightweight and offer the ultimate convenience during trips and travels. They don’t take up a lot of space in your backpack or pocket – some of the models can be attached to a keychain while featuring a solid, durable frame that prevents the torch from being damaged. A number of our torches have a flat base, making them ideal for situations that involve keeping your torch in a stationary position while you work. Our torch models are also easy to operate with one hand, making it as easy as possible to get on with what you need to do without being obstructed by a lack of light.
  • Light output. Our LED torches differ in terms of the light output they deliver. Among our extensive selection of torches, there are models that produce up to 4500 lumens and ones that operate at a moderate 15-25 lumen output, where the latter is ample for at home use. Whether you need an LED torch for a wide field of visibility to enjoy your outdoor activities or a torch to navigate your home in case of a blackout, you can always find a Ledlenser with the perfect lumen output.
  • Battery. We offer both rechargeable LED torches and battery operated torches. For some situations, it is more convenient to recharge the battery and have the ability to plan your activities in the dark accordingly; in other cases, carrying spare batteries may be easier than looking for a power outlet to charge your Ledlenser. No matter what your preference is, we have both options to best suit your needs and activities.
  • Light options. Some of our LED torch models are equipped with different types of light functions: from power mode to strobe mode and everything in between. These options are great for various purposes – SOS calls in emergencies, signalling and position marking, illuminating the dark areas with the torch at its maximum output if needed and many more.
  • IP class. IP class in LED torches defines what kind of external damage factors, like water and dust, a torch can withstand without breaking. For example, some torches are splash and shower proof, while other models can be submerged in water for a prolonged period of time, making them ideal for hobbies and adventures near water.
  • Highly versatile. Our torches and other lighting solutions are suited for just about any application imaginable. From everyday tasks like walking the dog or collecting the mail, to leisure activities such as photography evenings or camping trips, through to professional use in industrial, law enforcement and medical sectors, Ledlenser is ready to PowerUP any adventure or scenario.

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Discover our market leading collection of LED torches, in addition to a host of other innovative portable lighting solutions and related accessories. If you are planning to travel, browse our collection of portable powerbanks and never worry about running low on battery again, even from the remotest corners of the globe.

Enjoy free Australia-wide shipping on orders over $80 and as a reflection of our confidence in our products, a seven year warranty is included from the time of purchase.

What should I look for in a LED torch?

Firstly, consider what your primary use for an LED torch is. Is it for work or at home use? How bright do you need it to be? Would you want a rechargeable torch or a battery operated one? Does it need to be waterproof and dust resistant? Will you be carrying it on yourself or in a backpack? Ledlenser offers LED torches designs that cater to a range of situations, so no matter what your answers are to these questions, you will find a Ledlenser product that best suits your needs.

Which torch is the best for long distance?

From our collection of LED torches, the following models have the longest light distance when in power mode:

How many lumens should my torch have?

Just like any other LED torch feature, the right lumen output depends on your usage. The average light output for LED torches is around 100-150 lumens, while for professional or outdoor application, a higher lumen output of up to 300 lumens may be required.

What is the brightest LED torch available?

How many lumens is the most powerful torch?

The most powerful torches in our collection deliver up to around 4500-5000 lumens.

Is 5000 lumens too bright?

A 5000 lumens LED torch is very bright. For uses like home DIY or walking the dog, a lower output would be suitable.

How far will 3000 lumens shine?

How far an LED torch will shine depends mostly on its light range rather than its lumen output. Generally, it will be somewhere around 400-600 m.

What is the best LED torch to buy?

The best LED torch to buy depends on what your planned use is. Ledlenser offers a range of premium LED torches that have been designed and manufactured with the latest technology, innovations and an extensive knowledge of developing portable lighting solutions. When you shop the Ledlenser range, you can choose to browse for the most suitable products based on activities, enabling you to shop from a range that’s been specifically designed to suit your activity or professional industry.