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Market Leading Rechargeable Headlamps

Whether you are looking for rechargeable headlamps for commercial purposes or a quality, reliable head torch for your evening running sessions - you will find an ideal option with just the right set of functional features at Ledlenser.

For over 20 years, Ledlenser has been combining German engineering principles and quality with experience-based, field-specific knowledge to develop industry-leading lighting solutions that ensure our customers have access to the latest in lighting technology. Our selection of rechargeable headlamps is no exception to this approach - durable, sturdy and extremely functional - they are your best lighting option for a range of conditions and circumstances.

Here are a few key features of our rechargeable head torches:

  • Battery. The first point to note about our rechargeable headlamps is the batteries they are supplied with. This selection of headlamps is equipped with durable and powerful batteries that can last anywhere from four to 120 hours, depending on the model, which gives you up to five days of battery life to spare. Whether you need a charge to last for the duration of your evening jog or you need the battery to survive a full camping trip - you can find an ideal rechargeable headlamp to suit your needs.
    A number of our headlamps have a low battery warning function that will inform you when your battery is running out of charge, giving you time to arrange to find some power without being caught out.
  • Lightweight and compact. Our selection of rechargeable headlamps offers compact, lightweight and adjustable models that are very convenient to use. With our products, you can be sure your headlamp will sit firmly but comfortably on your head, allowing great freedom of movement.
  • Light modes. Our rechargeable head torches are equipped with different light modes to suit a wide range of situations. You can switch between low power mode, which is perfect for reading in the dark, and power mode, which offers continuous bright lighting that might come in handy in a variety of scenarios. Our headlamps can also be switched to modes such as S.O.S., blink, boost and strobe that can come in particularly handy during a variety of outdoor pursuits.
  • IP class. The IP class of a headlamp is an indicator of what external factors the lighting device can withstand and to what extent it can do that. Some of our rechargeable headlamps can only be exposed to an occasional splash of water, while some can survive being submerged in water up to a certain depth for a prolonged period of time. IP class takes into account the impairments that can come from foreign particles such as dust. Most of our headlamp models are manufactured to be guarded against this type of damage.
    Depending on your activities, the IP class of our rechargeable head torches will help you find the most suitable option for your intended use.

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Browse our extensive selection of rechargeable headlamps and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $80. Our products come with a seven-year warranty – a true testament to our confidence in our design and manufacturing.

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What is the best rechargeable headlamp?

Which rechargeable headlamp would be most suitable for your particular situation depends on your activities and preferences. There are a few things to consider before making the right decision:

  • Do you need a rechargeable headlamp, or should you opt for a battery-operated model? At Ledlenser, we offer a variety of battery-operated headlamps as well, and if you know that, for example, during your trip, there won’t be an opportunity to recharge your gadgets, a battery-operated option might be more suitable for you. If you know that you won’t have extra batteries to switch the old ones, a rechargeable headlamp is your best option.
  • What kind of light functions do you need in your rechargeable headlamp? Our headlamps are equipped with a wide variety of light modes and functions, including S.O.S., strobe, blink, boost and others. So considering whether your activities might include using those or not is a good step toward finding the best rechargeable headlamp.
  • IP class. Depending on whether your activities might include your headlamp being exposed to water and dust on a regular basis, you’ll want to choose the head torch with the suitable IP class for safety and durability of the device.

Are rechargeable headlamps better?

The only difference between battery-operated and rechargeable headlamps is the battery. Rechargeable headlamps are better if charging your battery from time to time is a more suitable option for you.

How long do rechargeable headlamps last?

Our rechargeable headlamps, depending on the model and the light mode you are using, can last anywhere between four and 120 hours.

What are good lumens for a headlamp?

Anything between 100 and 150 lumens should be enough to cover most conditions involving the use of rechargeable head torches. If you are looking for head torches to use in a professional setting, opt for a higher lumen output.