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Whether you like to run early in the morning or enjoy a nice jog before going to sleep, if your running route lies in a poorly lit area, a good reliable running headlamp is a must for you. At Ledlenser, we combine top-notch German quality, technological advancements and well thought out designs to make sure our products meet all the requirements to be the best running headlamps in the market.

Highly Functional Running Headlamps

We offer a wide variety of headlamps, each differing in its lumen output, light colors, battery pack placement, beam distance and more. With Ledlenser, there is a perfect option for anyone and everyone to enjoy their running sessions, regardless of the time of the day and weather conditions.

Here are a few important points about our headlamp to help you pick your Ledlenser:

  • Light output. We offer running headlamps with different levels of light output – from 10 lumens on the low-power mode to as bright as 1000 lumens on full-power mode, depending on the model. Whether you run through a high-density area or a low-density one, you can always adjust the power mode on your running headlamp accordingly.
  • Light colors. You need different types of light for different weather conditions, and that is why our range of running headlamps include not only white light options, but also red and RGB light choices. Pick the one that suits your needs and enjoy your runs in any weather!
  • Beam distance. We offer running headlamps with varying beam distance options – you can get a headlamp with a beam distance of up to 320m in full-power mode. Depending on the kind of area you run through, you can choose the one that suits you best.
  • Headlamp weight and size. Our running headlamps generally are lightweight and compact, but vary in terms of diameter, weight, strap width and battery pack placement. Therefore it is important to choose the one that will fit your head best and sit comfortably during your training.

For more options that might also work well for running purposes, check out our Sports Headlamps and Running & Cycling collections.

Shopping is better with Ledlenser

All of our products have a 7-year warranty – Ledlenser headlamps will be your best running companion for the longest time. Browse our range of products and enjoy free shipping US-wide on all orders over $80.

What is the best headlamp for running?

The Ledlenser NEO series are the best running headlamps on the market. Light and compact, they will sit comfortably on your head as you run. As you run you need to be able to see as much as you can of the space in front of you to keep you safe from obstacles. Illuminating the space in front of you with its wide beam, headlamps from the NEO series are the best running headlamp option.

How many lumens are needed for running headlamps?

The best running headlamps have around 400 lumens, sometimes less if you are running in high density areas. Trail running headlamps in remote areas on the other hand call for no more than 400 lumens.

How do I choose a running headlamp?

Some key areas to consider when choosing a running headlamp are the weight of the headlamp, the position of its battery pack and its accessories. The best running headlamps are light and compact due to the ongoing impact. As you run, the lighter the headlamp the more likely it will be able to stay in place as you run. The position of the battery pack is also a key consideration, typically you can opt for a rear or front battery pack location. Headlamps in the Ledlenser NEO Series has a rear battery pack, while the MH10 has a front battery pack with a lengthy run time.

How do I run with a headlamp?

The addition of a headlamp to your run should be quite seamless, so choose a headlamp that is light and compact enough to sit on your head comfortably for the duration of your run, with a wide beam to cover the span of your surroundings and you should be set.

Some headlamps come with alternate wearing options including chest straps, or clips to attach to a hat. If this is something you are looking for, be sure to invest in a headlamp with these additional accessories.

What is the brightest headlamp for trail running?

A running headlamp does not need to be exceptionally bright, particularly if you are running in highly populated areas, therefore 400 lumens is sufficient for a running headlamp. However, something important to consider is battery run-time, we would suggest you opt for a headlamp with a lengthy runtime to ensure you have enough light for the duration of your run. Headlamps like the Ledlenser NEO10R and MH10 have long run-times.