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    Discover Ledlenser’s market-leading headlamps for children. Whether your little ones like reading at night, insist on playing outside in the evening, or you’re heading off on a family camping trip - our kids’ headlamps will be their favourite gadget to accompany them on their adventures.

    Functional Headlamps For Children

    German quality and precision technology have been the driving force behind Ledlenser’s industry-leading lighting solutions for over 20 years. Along with providing professional flashlights and headlamps for various purposes from industrial sectors to home use, we also offer consistent, dependable and inspiring lighting gadgets for our youngest customers.

    Here’s a summary of why our kids’ headlamps would be a great addition to your children’s list of essentials:

    • Brightness. The children's headlamps we offer come with a range of 5 to 40 lumens of light output, which is ideal for various kids’ activities. For example, lower brightness is ideal for reading purposes, as it offers the optimal amount of light that doesn’t damage kids’ eyesight. Higher brightness offers enough lumen output for outdoor activities such as camping or playing hide and seek in the backyard.
    • Beam distance. The kids’ headlamps offer a beam distance from 2 metres to 9 metres, which is a fitting option for a variety of children’s activities, from playing flashlight tag in the bedroom just before bedtime to tagging along with Mum or Dad on a stargazing hike. A thought-out aspect of our kids’ headlamps is that they don’t offer as high of a luminosity as most of our flashlights and headlamps or a very long beam distance, which is safer for kids and prevents them from being excessively exposed to light that might be overstimulating or too bright for their eyes.
    • Battery options. Our kids’ headlamps come in rechargeable and battery-operated options, which might be convenient for different situations. Depending on the power mode used, rechargeable kids’ headlamps can last from 2 to 18 hours once fully charged, and the battery-operated headlamps can last between 1.5 and 20 hours. Whether you are planning to use the headlamps in a situation where connecting to a power socket is easier than finding an extra set of batteries, or you’re wild camping with no access to electricity - you can find an optimal lighting gadget for both cases.
    • Energy saving function. Along with convenient battery options, our children’s head torches are equipped with an energy-saving function that turns off the light on the headlamps every 20 minutes. So, when your little one leaves the headlamp somewhere in the house and forgets to turn it off, it will shut itself off automatically. It is a great function to prevent the headlamp from inconveniently running out of power when needed.
    • Light colours. Our kids’ headlamps feature white, blue and red light colour options. Having colour options is not only fun and exciting for kids, it is also useful for a variety of functions, from improved night vision to mimicking daylight, which increases alertness, and focus and naturally stimulates a range of cognitive functions.
    • Size and weight. The headlamps are very compact and lightweight and have adjustable straps. You can easily adjust the headlamp to fit your little one’s head size just right without it being too loose or tight fitting, and make sure they feel fully comfortable using the device.
    • Kids’ headlamp designs. We offer our children’s headlamps in two design variations - a bright-coloured one with rainbows and a darker option with dinosaurs. So whether your kid is into pastel colours and princessy styles or is exploring their love for history and the Jurrasic era - they will find a headlamp they love. On top of that, the light on the headlamp can be detached from the band and used separately, so if your little one wants an accessory to attach to their backpack or you want to add a safety measure to their everyday essentials, our kids’ headlamps provide the perfect solution.

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