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NEO series headlamps are the best partner to accompany you on the way to your next goal - be it a running milestone or a process of creating a habit of going on an evening jog. Make your fast-paced nighttime activities safer and more enjoyable with our NEO series headlamps and enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest. 

Discover the functional and lightweight Ledlenser NEO series today and embrace whatever challenge you set yourself.

NEO Series Headlamps

For over 20 years, unsurpassed German quality and technology have been the driving forces behind Ledlenser’s iconic range of lighting solutions. Our extensive range of flashlights and headlamps have provided millions globally with consistent and reliable lighting for both personal and professional use.

Our NEO series headlamps are a reflection of our legendary brand experience. Lightweight, functional and strong - they are a go-to option whenever you need a compact and bright lighting device to accompany your outdoor activities.

Here are a few key reasons our NEO series headlamps are a great addition to any nighttime sports routine:

  • Brightness. Within our NEO series collection, we offer a range of devices with different brightness levels available. The selection includes the headlamps that can put out anything between 20 and 1200 lumens of light, depending on the model of the gadget and the power mode used. So whether you just need a little bit of light to illuminate the area around you while running or you want everything 200m ahead of you to be brightly lit - you can find a headlamp to fit your sports activities and visual preferences. 
    Having several power modes in a lighting device also comes in handy whenever you need to pre-plan the energy use of the headlamp. You always know how long the head torch will last on various brightness levels.
  • Comfort. Our NEO series headlamps feature adjustable straps and sit securely on the head, completely freeing up your hands and allowing full freedom of movement. Even though all of the models are compact, lightweight and adjustable, there are some slight differences in terms of the band widths, battery placement and the weights of the devices. So when looking for your ideal headlamp from the NEO series, it is a good idea to keep an eye on these subtle details that might help you choose an option that will take the comfort level of your experience up a notch. 
  • Light Colours. Some of our headlamps from the NEO series are equipped with the red light colour option, and on top of that we offer a range of colour filters that can be attached to our MH10, H8R and NEO10R headlamps to change the shade of the light. Having a variety of light colour options in your device is useful whenever there is a need to improve nighttime vision, especially when navigating through certain weather conditions. If you plan to train in a range of weather conditions, you might want to consider opting for the headlamps with light colour variations or the ones that can accommodate a colour filter attachment.
  • Battery. Our NEO series headlamps are rechargeable and can be conveniently and quickly charged using our signature Magnetic Charge System. The headlamps feature a long-lasting battery, backup mode that turns the headlamp to the low power mode and low charge indicator, all of which adds to your worry-free experience with these lighting devices. 
  • IP class. Some of the headlamps from NEO series are assigned IP classes that indicate how the devices are protected from the effects of external factors. An IP class defines to what extent a headlamp is able to withstand being directly exposed to water and dust. While some of Ledlenser products can stand up to powerful sprays of water, others can be submerged in water at a certain depth for a prolonged amount of time. When choosing the NEO series headlamp with a fitting level of water-resistance protection, consider your intended use and opt for a model with a fitting IP class.
  • Convenience. Our NEO series headbands are designed for runners, and we paid special attention to details to integrate a variety of useful features into the devices to make them a perfect match for runners’ needs. Among the functions that make the headlamps extremely convenient are the Fusion Beam, Temperature Control System, Constant Current Mode, reflective headband and general convertibility of some of the models. These functions ensure the NEO series delivers a range of headlamps that offer adjustable floodlight and spotlight illumination, consistently bright lighting regardless of the battery charge, protection from overheating, extra safety when running on the road and an opportunity to turn a head torch into a completely different lighting device such as a chest lamp. Explore the utmost convenience of these headlamps with Ledlenser and make your nighttime activities more enjoyable and safe. 

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