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For some, there’s no activity as thrilling as hunting. If you are among the people who thoroughly enjoy the highs and lows of hunting, our selection of hunting lights will make a great addition to your toolbox or backpack.

Whether you are spending nights in the heart of nature during your hunting trip or need a device to help you attract or deter animals – a reliable and consistent hunting light is your best companion.

LED Hunting Lights

Here at Ledlenser, we are passionate about providing millions around the globe with dependable and safe lighting devices to have them covered in any setting. For over 20 years, German quality and a forward-looking approach to technology have been the driving force behind our brand experience. 

Our collection of LED hunting lights is a reflection of our devotion to innovation, quality and functionality, which we value above everything else. Versatile, convenient and durable – our hunting torches will become a staple choice for your trips to the wilderness for the longest time.

Here are a few factors to consider before choosing your ultimate Ledlenser hunting torch:

  • Brightness. Varying degrees of brightness available in most of our lighting devices are one of the things that make these lights very convenient in use. Our collection of hunting lights includes devices that can put out anything between a low10 lumens to extremely bright 4500 lumens, so you can choose a model that gives you just the right brightness range available and adjust your device to suit your surroundings. 
    The brightness of your hunting light defines not only how powerful it is, but also its beam distance and how long the battery is going to last when fully charged. So opt for a brighter capacity if you need a light with a long beam distance to see far distances around you. As for the battery run time, each of our models comes with clear instructions on how long a particular torch is going to last depending on the brightness mode used. So you can always take that into account when planning ahead for your trip.
  • Headlamps and torches. Within this collection, we offer both headlamp and torch versions of our hunting lights. Our torches are compact, easy to operate with one hand and feature flat bases that add to the stability of the devices when set down. Headlamps are a great option for those who want to free up both their hands while hunting. Our headlamps have adjustable straps that help you to secure the device on your head and enjoy a comfortable experience.
    So depending on your needs and personal preferences, you can find a hunting light to fit your situation the best.
  • Protection. Most of our lights feature IP class protection. The IP class of a lighting device defines how well protected the light is when exposed to the elements such as water and dust. Depending on the IP class of a hunting light, you can find a device that can withstand splashes of water from all directions, as well as a model that can be submerged into water at a certain depth for a prolonged amount of time. Depending on whether your hunting trip includes activities near an open water source or you just want to play it safe with your lighting gadgets, you can find a light with the most suitable IP class. 
  • Light options. What makes our lights so suitable for hunting is the range of additional lighting options the devices feature. Our hunting lights, depending on the model, have different light colours available, as well as a range of light modes such as strobe, blink, boost, S.O.S and others. The former is a great function to have whenever there is a need to attract or deter certain animal species or to improve vision in the dark. Light modes come in handy for situations calling for signalling, so if you have agreed on a certain set of signals with your hunting party, our lights make it possible to communicate effectively.

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