Core vs. Work vs. Signature

The New Ledlenser P&H Series

Core vs. Work vs. Signature

The new P-Series & H-Series Core range follow the great legacy of their predecessors, combining proven technologies such as Smart Light Technology and the Advanced Focus System with new ones like Flex Sealing Technology & Multi Core Optics.

Perfectly suited for a wide range of everyday activities, the Core Range deliver vibrant long-lasting light that you can rely on.

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Ledlenser's new Work range of P-Series flashlights and H-Series headlamps have been specifically developed for reliable lighting in challenging work environments.

They are technologically based on the Core models, however offer specific additional features - e.g. increased impact and chemical protection, optimised light with natural colour reproduction and a wide range of helpful included accessories.

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With powerful light and state-of-the-art technology to cater for the highest of demands, the Signature range represent the premium line of the new P-series flashlights.

These high-end lights combine all the functions of the Core models with increased power and a larger range of features as well as classy designs, luxurious materials and a wide range of accessories included.

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A Simple Comparison Using The P7R

The Ledlenser P7R is an iconic flashlight, famous aroud the work for high performance & reliability.

A simple way to get an idea of how the new P & H series have taken lighting to the next level, is to compare some of the tech specs of the original (and much loved) P7R with the 3 new versions that have just been released.

FYI - When you shop the new Core, Work & Signature series you'll find helpful comparison charts similar to the one below at the bottom of the product pages. This should help you find the right product for your specific needs.