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Whether you love a good jogging session before going to sleep or you’re a die-hard fan of long treks and hikes, or enjoy nighttime fishing - a high-quality sports torch to light your way as you navigate in the dark is a must.

Top Quality Sports Torch

At Ledlenser Australia, we are devoted to providing a high-class experience to all sports lovers with our collection of adventure sports flashlights that combine supreme German quality, easy-to-use design and advantages of the latest technological advancements.

Here are a few points to consider to choose a perfect sports flashlight:

  • Lumen Output. Depending on your sports outing scenario, you might need a torch within different brightness ranges. In our collection, we offer torches with brightness ranging from 15 to 2000 lumens - you can find the perfect lumen output for your adventures.
  • Light Colours. Weather conditions, wilderness is sometimes an inseparable part of outside sports, and for a variety of different situations, it’s always better to have a red light or RGB light range built-in and always available in your sports flashlight. We offer adventure sports flashlight models with red and RGB light options - fog, rain, animals - we’ve got you covered.
  • Beam Distance. We provide sports torches that have the beam power to illuminate 15 to 335 m. Sometimes you would want to just illuminate the area close to your camping site, and sometimes you need to light up a big distance ahead of you while having a trail running session in the wilderness - depending on what kind of outdoor sports you’re planning, you can find the options with just the right beam distance available.

For more options that might be a good fit for outdoor sports activities, check out our Outdoor Flashlight collection or browse all of our flashlights available.

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