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Whether you need a top-notch, reliable flashlight for your job that includes searching and rescuing people, saving lives and all the other kind of day to day activities that impose lots of risks and responsibilities, or you just want a good, solid rescue torch for yourself - Ledlenser Australia is your safe choice.

High-Quality Torches

At Ledlenser, we understand the importance of designing our torches in a certain way to meet the exact field-specific requirements of a variety of occupations. That’s why our collection of search and rescue flashlights are one of the top representatives on the market - they combine our field-specific knowledge with technologically advanced features and unparalleled German quality.

Here are a few points to guide you through our selection of rescue torches:

  • Slim and compact design. It’s not always handy to carry around massive flashlights when doing such an important job, so we made sure that we have very lightweight and compact rescue torches models among our selection. This type of flashlight won’t take up much space in your pocket or backpack and wouldn’t be a handful to carry around.
  • Light colours. Our selection of search and rescue flashlights have models with white, red and RGB colours. Whether you’re doing your job in an easily illuminable area or during heavy rain and fog - you’ll be able to easily see your surroundings by choosing the right colour.
  • Charging options. Some of our models have rechargeable batteries and some - regular batteries. We made sure to include both because depending on the scenario of your work, you can choose the one to fit the situation perfectly. For example, some people prefer to be able to use the torch for the longest time possible after charging, while for some there’s no option to charge the batteries in their workplace and a simple swap of batteries is a much more convenient option for them.
  • Adjustable focus. We have rescue flashlight options that are equipped with an adjustable focus feature. Whether you need to focus the light in one spot to see something in detail or you need a flood beam to illuminate the surrounding area - we’ve got you covered.
  • Light options. Our search and rescue torches have a variety of light options, including but not limited to S.O.S., strobe, blink modes and much more. So if you and your team have a way of signalling each other in different work situations, our torches will be a convenient choice.
  • IP class. IP class is an indicator of whether and to what extent the flashlight is able to withstand the influence of external forces like wind and dust. Almost all of our rescue flashlights have a certain IP class, so whether your work scenario doesn’t include anything extreme at all or it might actually include dropping the torch in a river - you can find a perfect torch with the right IP class to cover for that.

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What flashlights do search and rescue use?

For search and rescue operations, a rescue flashlight with a high lumen output is essential to ensure you can light the area as best you can. Additional light elements to ensure your rescue torch has the capability to include beam distance, floodlighting and spot beam, Ledlenser’s patented Advanced Focus System allows for a seamless transition from the homogenous low beam(flood light) to a sharply focused high beam(spot-light). The best flashlights for search and rescue include the P18R Signature, P7R Signature and P17R core.

What torches do firefighters use?

The best fire rescue flashlights are easily accessible, so look for a search and rescue torch that is able to be adaptable with accessories, such as a belt clip, or a sheath to attach to the waist of your uniform or mount onto a helmet. The best flashlights for firefighters are typically found in Ledlenser’s Intrinsically Safe range as they meet the requirements for work in an explosive environment. Recommended torches include the ex4, ex7 and P7R Signature, shop these recommendations and more in our work flashlights collection

Why Ledlenser flashlights are the best fit for search and rescue?

Ledlenser creates the best flashlights for search and rescue due to the patented Advanced Focus System, which gives you the ability to control your light output. With Ledlenser the light you see is the light you get, thanks to the rapid focus system and controlled spot beam, which is an essential feature of a search and rescue torch. These features mean you won’t lose lumens as the technology reduces split light.