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    We're stoked to announce our exclusive collaboration with Mulga the Artist: the limited-edition Mulga x Ledlenser Unisex Tee and BUFF®!

    Mulga, aka Joel Moore, is a celebrated Australian street artist, illustrator, muralist, and designer whose vibrant creations have captivated the world. His signature style, featuring intricate line work and bold, bright colours, adorns walls and objects globally, bringing a unique Australian flair wherever they appear.

    Joel's journey into the art world began in 2012 with his first art show. By 2014, he had left his finance job to pursue his passion full-time. Mulga's love for the beach and surfing inspires his summer-themed designs, where tropical bearded men, tigers with diamond sunglasses, and gorillas rule a funky, colourful world.

    We’re stoked about our Mulga Tees and BUFF® – they’re a limited edition, so don't miss out!