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Military equipment is all about the highest quality, resistance to a variety of tough conditions and utmost convenience. We can’t speak for all of it, but there’s one thing we’re sure of - our collection of military flashlights ticks all the boxes!

High-Quality Military Torches in Australia

Be it military training or real-life mission - a good solid military torch is a must. Whether you are looking for a flashlight for military service or would like to have one that is on par with military flashlights for your personal use - you’ll find the perfect option among our range. All could be bought from Ledlenser.

Here are a few points to guide you through our collection of military torches and highlight the important aspects of our products:

  • Switch cap. Our military flashlights are equipped with tail switches, meaning they’re convenient for one-hand use, which might be of utter importance for a variety of military service scenarios.
  • Lumen output. We have a wide range of torches with different lumen output options, some of which can put out a whopping 4500 lumens. By switching between different levels of brightness you’ll be able to not only adapt your torch to a range of situations but also calculate how long your torch will last not recharged.
  • Multi-colour lights. With our military flashlights, you can choose from a variety of light colours that come with the product - it’s a great option to have available for a wide range of military tactics and situations.
  • Light functions. Military flashlights are an important aspect of safety not only in terms of night-time use but also as a tool for signalling. Our military torches include a wide range of light functions available: from blink to S.O.S. and everything in between - for all kinds of situations you might find yourself in.
  • Rechargeable. With military flashlights, we heavily focus the technological advancement side of the products on their reliability. That’s why once charged, our military flashlights last for the longest time, with some options working for 200 hours, while still putting out a good amount of light!

For more options that might prove themselves useful to have as an addition to military torches, check out our Work Flashlights, Work Activities Flashlights and Construction Headlamps collections.

Enjoy Shopping With Ledlenser

We provide free shipping within Australia for all orders over $100 - browse our range of torches and get a 7-year warranty on all of our products.

Why are military flashlights angled?

A 90-degree angled military tactical flashlight is often seen in military use since WWII, for navigation. If you have a military flashlight that is controlled with a tail switch you will have the same capabilities of a 90-degree angled flashlight, however with even more control.

What kind of torches do the military use?

Typically, a military tactical torch with a tail switch is preferred by military personnel as it allows for the user to grip the body of the torch and hold a firearm simultaneously. The military also opt for military grade torch tactical flashlights with high-lumen output and multi-colour options. Ledlenser creates multi-colour military tactical torches with inbuilt multi-colour capabilities and separate colour filters that can be attached to any flashlight to give a multi-colour option. Another feature of the best military flashlight is recharging capabilities, this will allow for a longer runtime without the need to carry any additional alkaline batteries, with the military rechargeable flashlight able to be charged in a vehicle or at various tactical bases.

Another essential feature of a dependable military torch is additional light functions, this includes strobe for tactical, SOS for emergency signalling and blink for attention. Emergency light functions should be a feature of every military tactical torch.

How many lumens is a military flashlight?

Typically speaking 1000 lumens or more is sufficient for a military flashlight being used for general activities and night vision. If the military personnel are undertaking search and rescue operations they will opt for a larger military-grade torch tactical flashlight with higher lumens, around 3000 lumens or more.

Why are military torches red?

The use of red light in military grade torches can vary and there are many advantages that can be achieved with red light, typically it is used to preserve your vision at night. In a combat scenario the use of red light with a military grade torch can also help to reduce your visibility from others, which will assist in protecting and camouflaging the user.

Can a military tactical flashlight cause permanent eye damage?

It is recommended not to look directly into any LED light or flashlight, direct exposure to the eye can cause damage. As military grade torch tactical flashlights have high lumen outputs looking directly into the light is not recommended.

How bright are military torches?

Military torches vary in brightness depending on the need, typically the best military torch will range from 1000-3000 lumens.

How to charge military grade rechargeable flashlight?

The best charging capabilities for military personnel are either wall-mounted or fixed charging stations that can be attached to a vehicle. Ledlenser military rechargeable flashlights use a magnetic charging system for fast-charging ability, with a range of charging options to suit various needs including wall mounts, portable charging stations and more.