How to be prepared for an emergency at home

How to be prepared for an emergency at home

None of us know when emergencies will strike, so it is essential to be well prepared in our homes for anything that may come our way. 

If an emergency happens at home, there is no doubt lighting is one of the most important crucial elements that we can control, especially if a blackout happens!

At Ledlenser, we want to help you prepare and be safe when it comes to anything lighting perspective. Our brand has a wide range of solutions that are great to have on hand in case of an emergency, and our recommended products for any ‘dark times’ are:


ML6 Lantern

Not only is the ML6 powerful at 750 lumens, but it also has a 70 hour run time which will give you the confidence knowing you will have light on hand for days. The ML6 is easy to find with a glow in the dark ring built in so you can find it in the dark. With multiple light functions available including red and white light modes, the ML6 also has SOS mode if you need signal for help. The ML6 will also give you enough power to light up a room inside your home. 


MH5 Headlamp

The MH5 headlamp makes a great headlamp to have for emergencies simply because of its ease of use. It has a single use switch with 2 light settings and can also be detached so you can use the headlamp as a desk light to light up a small area or as a handheld torch. Plus, the fact it is compatible with a single AA alkaline battery makes it easy to use, means if there is a power outage and you have used up your rechargeable battery it’s possible to add in a AA battery to keep yourself safe with light. 


P17R Torch

This product is truly built for anything that may come your way. It has a fantastic run time of 60 hours and has several light modes including SOS, blink and strobe, great functions for making yourself visible. Another great feature of this torch is its wall mountable charging station, always ensuring it is charged and ready to go at all times. Also, when the lights go out, your P17R powers up enabling that area to be seen by light and for you to easily find the torch. 


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